Pachall to Seek Help; Door Open to Return

Pachall to Seek Help; Door Open to Return

TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson met with the media and stated that TCU will leave the door open for Pachall to return; but only if the rehabilitation professionals say he's made a full recovery.

When TCU head coach Gary Patterson talks about loyalty to his players and to his university, it's clear to see that he's not just blowing smoke. Patterson views each of his players as his own and proved again today why he's one of the best coaches in the country. Too often a troubled player is kicked to the curb, never to be heard from again, but that's not Patterson's style. At his weekly press conference today, the Frogs' leader showed compassion for one of his own.

"What Casey is going to do is he's going to dis-enroll from this university for this semester" said Patterson. "He will go in to an inpatient care facility, he may be there already, and as usual, most of those are between 30 and 60 days."

"Hopefully what our plan is, is that he gets himself right and that keeps the door open for us as far as an opportunity for him to be able to come back here and enroll in the spring."

With the TCU family deciding alongside the Pachall family to go this route, it shows a unified front for all parties involved and paints a clear picture of Patterson's care and concern for his players. With Pachall graduating high school early and enrolling in TCU a full semester early, he doesn't have far to go earn his degree. To Patterson, that's a very important thing that he wants to see Pachall accomplish, second only to the Brownwood, TX product getting his life back under control.

"There was only one way that we were going to be able to change the path that he was on" said Patterson. "He just needed to step away from it all and I think it's the best decision."

"For this football team right now and for Casey Pachall, I think both of us get a chance to heal and both of us get a chance to grow and we'll see how it all goes from here."

Patterson talked in detail this afternoon about the people that reached out to give advice. People that had struggled with addiction shared their stories with the TCU head coach in hopes that maybe he would understand the depths of which Pachall had seemingly plummeted. The head coach took the advice to heart and he says that he understands that Pachall is scared of the unknown and of what may lie ahead.

"The biggest step is what he's doing right now" said Patterson. "He's going to a place where they have trained professionals that are supposed to make a difference."

"I texted him this morning and told him that I'm proud of him. He's scared, I would be scared too."

With Patterson showing once again that he is there for his players, Casey Pachall can rest assured that he'll have the chance to come back if he just focuses on getting his life right again. With a strong support group in place that includes his coaches, teammates, the university, and most of all, his parents, Casey Pachall has the opportunity to rise from the ashes and reclaim what he's lost. With so many people pulling for him and standing by his side, it's everyone's hope that this story has a happy ending. Recommended Stories

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